What is a Survey?

Survey services - is an independent, quantitative and qualitative assessment of goods, inspection and certification of vehicles (ships, containers, vehicles, wagons), evaluation of the quality of cargo stowage and securing during transport, the work of emergency commissioners, auxiliary services for the loading and unloading operations (labelling, separation goods, and etc.), consulting. Survey services are used in case of disputes and claims between the parties concerned and to prevent them.

What is the need of Survey?

The cost of survey services is usually low, compared to the total cost of transportation of goods and negligible compared to the cost of shipping. However, using survey services, the customer often saves a lot of money, insure themselves against unjustified claims by contractors, optimizes the process of transportation.

On the other hand the presence of a surveyor allows the customer to get information about the number and condition of the goods at each stage of the transportation process and professional advice to minimize any loss. In addition, the presences of a surveyor "discipline" workers of transhipment terminals, allowing you to avoid additional losses of time and money.

Finally, as an independent "third" party, the surveyor represents the interests of the client in bankruptcy court as a witness or expert.

Who are our customers?

Cargo owners, freight forwarders, trade, transport and logistics companies, custom brokers, maritime agencies, ship owners and charterers, cargo terminals and warehouses, insurance companies, private persons.
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